My experience in Cusco

The last year, friends went to Cusco, and whenever she called them they said to me: Wilbert you have q to come! you cannot be lost this! and good me I did not want it to lose and overnight I was there… Step on Cusco, you step on the sky, from that moment, my life changed…. They were all the right, it was a beautiful place, and the people who inhabited it still more.

I knew people wonderful, and among them to Car it, a Canadian with a very special angel, now my better friend, and also I had the opportunity to know a project called “Yanapay Village”…. one of reasons x which would return… One week later arrived the moment for starting off, and since I returned to Lima, in the only thing that thought it was in returning… but the great question was: Someday I will be able to return…


Cusco Travel Guide

Cuzco is really a charming city. It has little more than 200,000 inhabitants and a special touch. Their architectonic wealth and the colorful one of their streets, their clothes and their inhabitants turns it a small jewel that does not have to be let visit. For many, it is only one city of step or lodging to visit Machu Picchu, but really it is much more. It is worth the trouble, mainly, to take a walk by the district of San Blas, where they are the stores of the craftsmen. That yes, with patience because the height makes our steps heavier than customary, and because we will find several hills in our route. He is recommendable, when arriving, to take kills of cocaine to move away altitude sickness and to take with calm the first hours is accustomed. From there, already you can cross the city, the small factories of crafts (there is one wonderful one in the Avenue of the Sun), to know the traditional dances

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