The Sacred Valley

The fertile valley of the Urubamba river, also called the Vilacanota, snakes its way through the old Inca providence of antisuyo, an area which the Incas valued greatly.

There, beside this tributary of de amazon, they built their retreats,palaces and sacred places: the fortress of Ollantaytambo(clinig to the steep sides of the river´s),Pisac with its Inca canal, 3Km long, its imposing terraces and, of course, the once – lost Machu Pichu.

Urumbamba means ´place ofthe bugs or spiders´but the area is called the proliferation of ruins. yet, some do suggest the valley is sacred because its was Cuscco´s granary, and others becauseit is connected with the sun adn sky. (Howerer, There´s no question it was very importand to the Incas, And previosly unknown carving were uncovered in the valley in march 200). Onequechua legend says that after the sun sets in the evening it pases through the underworld beneat the Urubamba where it drinks the chill water to refresh itself before emergin at dawn. Another legend says that the Urubamba is theearthly mirror of the celestial river, the Milky Way, and that water flows from one into the other.

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