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01 January – New Years (all Peru)

06 january – Fiesta de Ollantaytambo (Cusco)

14 January – Feria de Pampamarca ( Cusco) a large agricultural fair

02 February – Virgen de la Candelaria (Puno)

01 May – Labour day ( all Peru)

07-09 – Qoyllur Riti ( Cusco), an Apollonian pilgrimage o the glaciers of the high Andes

May or June – Corpus christi(all peru,but especially Cusco), statues of saints are paraded around Cusco`s packed streets; it takes place on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday(ninth Thursday after Easter)


24 June – Inti Raymi (Cusco), the old Inca festival of the winter solstice,wich was supressed by the Spanish and recreated in 1944; elsewere the celebrations is called Peasants´ Day.

29 June – St. peter and st. Paul ( All Peru)

15-17 July – Fiesta de Paucartambo( Cusco), a Dionysiac festival to honor the Virgin of Carmen of Paucartambo (a village near to Cusco) with masked dancers

28-29 July – Independence Day ( all Peru)

30 August – Santa Rosa de Lima

07 October – Battle of Angamos ( all Peru)

18 october – El Señor de los Milagros (Lima), a day of religious processions

01 November – All Saints´Day ( all Peru),the day when Peruvians remember their dead

08 December – Immaculate Conception ( all Peru)

24 December – Santuranticuy (Cusco), originally a market wich sold objects for Nativity Scenes, this is now a large maket for practically anything;elsewhere, the day is a pre-Christmas holiday

25 December – Christmas (all Peru)

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